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eature 2 

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Entertainment 6 

Get Ready For The Quarterlife Crisis 



Letters to the editor....8 

Think you're having fun now? Just wait until the qaurterlife crisis 
Anwar Hunte, Stern Chamblain, Kyle Qanley, and Sean Proctor 

Ericka Elizabeth Austin ^ es anc * sn ^ ^ave P oc ket self up for the quarter life cri- 
You've had' years of partying money? You were advised that sis????? Being in your 20's 
all weekend long. You have 
sacrificed by living off of cafe- 
teria food or even worse: 
countless tuna sandwiches and 
ramen noodles. You had to get 
by working jobs as a babysitter, 
waiter, telemarketer or the infa- 
mous Gap jean specialist. Now 
that you have completed about 
125 credit hours of classes 
what do you do next? Are you 
prepared to live in an environ- 
ment where everyone isn't your 
age? Do you think you'll be 
able to afford a decent place to 
live, a nice car, basic necessi- 

if you worked 
and studied 
hard the sky 
would be the 
limit. Your 
were high and 
rightly so, but 
what will hap- 
pen to all those 
dreams and 
plans? Will 
you be the per- 
son that you 
wanted to be 
by the time you 

There is a new 

phase of life, 
coined "the quar- 
ter-life" which, 
like adolescence 
and midlife, has 
its own set of 

graduate col- coined 

these days is a bur- 
den and more con- 
fusing than ever 
before. There are so 
many choices, an 
abundance of 

opportunities and 
so much freedom. 
And of course 
there's so much 
pressure to do all of 
it and to have it all. 

There is a new 

phase of life, 

"the quarter-life" 

midlife, has its own set of chal- 
lenges and characteristics. 
People are getting married later 
and having more short-lived 
careers than ever before. They 
are in debt longer, and some- 
times in school longer. It's tak- 
ing more time than ever today 
because of college loans, debt, 
competition for jobs, more 
people living at home with 
their parents, people taking 
longer than ever to get manned 
and a host of other issues in 
today's society. 

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lege. ..or are you setting your- which, like adolescence and 

Lasell Beat 
April 2005 

Sheer style down the 

Fashion Show 

Classes of 2006, 2007, 2008 Sheer 


Date: 4/29/2005 

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Place: Athletic Center 

Tickets: $20.00 (students and seniors 


Class of 2005 Senior Collection 

Date: 4/30/2005 

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Place: Athletic Center 

Tickets: $20.00 (students and seniors 


Jennifer Knapp 

Get ready for the start of the spring student 
fashion shows! The undergraduate runway 
performances will take place Friday night 

April 25th, 
2005 begin- 
ning at 7:30 
PM. On 
the follow- 
ing night, 
the seniors 
will light up 
the runway 
at 7:30 PM. 
Both shows 
will take place in the Athletic Center this 

The theme and title for the undergraduate 
runway show this year is "Sheer 
Movement." The event will have free 
standing lighted sculptures inspired by the 
Sydney Opera House in Australia. The 
fabric sculptures are created and produced 
by Professor Peter Watson and his Interior 
Design and Display class and will be lit 
from within by magnificent colored lights. 
Yards and yards of muslin fabric will 
"transform [the interior] of the Athletic 

Center" says Director of the undergraduate 
runway show, Professor Anne Vallely. 

"Sheer Movement" will highlight apparel 
and accessory designs from Lasell under- 
graduates. You'll see creative designs in 
diverse categories like children's wear, eth- 
nic dress, non-textiles and more. 
Approximately 60 student models will 
parade down the catwalk in the undergrad- 
uate designs. 

The senior runway show managed by 
Professor Joan Morris is called "Senior 
Collections." There will be models strut- 
ting down the runway displaying the cloth- 
ing collections of twenty senior fashion 
design majors. The show will begin with a 
puppy surprise! Fashion designer Megan 
Ryan Dupuis' collection will feature plus- 
size bridal wear including matching dog- 
gie apparel. An elegant hand-painted 
bridal collection by Ginnie Chow is the 
grand finale for this runway extravaganza. 
Tickets will be on sale for "Sheer 
Movement" and "Senior Collections" 
beginning April 8th. The Athletic Center's 
grand space will allow for more seating at 
each show. Five hundred tickets will be 
available for each event through Richard 

Bath and at the ticket booth in Valentine 
Hall outside the Lasell Radio Station. Two 
types of seating tickets are available for 
purchase. Forty "prestige seats" are 
offered at the end of the runway for $50 
per person. Regular seats along the run- 
way are $20 per person and $10 for Lasell 
students. Get your tickets now before 
they're sold out! 

Marisa Curtis As l 

s a t 

down and made my 
course schedule last fall 
I was not very intrigued 
by some of the classes I 
would have to take for 
my major. I would have 
to take a Philosophy course, which did not 
appeal to me in the least bit, but I chose to 
take Ethics with Professor Joseph Aieta. I 
had heard the name before, but I didn't 
know much about this professor. I started 
to ask some of my friends, who had taken 
him in previous semesters, about him. "Is 
Aieta hard?" No one actually answered my 
question. The only answers I got was, 
"He's a great teacher." I decided to take the 
class, without really knowing what I was in 

Spring approached fast, and I can remem- 
ber the first day of Ethics class well. In 
walked Professor Aieta, scoping around 
the room looking for people he knew. He 
made some small chit chat then started 
class. He seemed like a very nice, light- 
hearted man. As he began class he went 
over the usual first day information, but 
would periodically stop and ask the class, 
"Is anyone hallucinating?" "Hallucinating? 

Lasell Beat 
April 2005 

Teacher Spotlight 

Professor Aieta 

This guy must be nuts", I said to myself. 
Little did I know he would end up being 
the sanest teacher I would ever have, what- 
ever that meant. 

As the semester went on our class was 
assigned to read numerous books, and we 
would have discussions in class about what 
we read. Sounds like any other class, but 
for me it was like no other class I had ever 
taken. In class I never felt like I was a stu- 
dent being spoon fed information. I felt 
like I was an adult having a conversation 
with another adult. Professor Aieta never 
talked to you in a demeaning way that 
made you feel bad about yourself. He 
talked to you as though you were an indi- 
vidual engaged in a discussion with him. 
Your opinions always mattered, even if he 
didn't agree with them. He always chal- 
lenged your ideas to make you think deep- 
er about the subject. He often joked in 
class with us, but always made sure you 
knew he was kidding. He never wanted 
anyone to feel undermined or disrespected. 
I truly believe he respects every student he 
has for who they are. 

Professor Aieta is a very understanding 
person. He's not the type of teacher who's 
going to chase you around for your work. 
He knows that you know what he expects 
and it's your choice what your grade in his 

class is. It's hard to catch a teacher on a 
good day, every day. Some people go to 
work because they need to, not because 
they like their job. Professor Aieta comes 
to class every day knowing he is doing 
something he loves. He has made Ethics 
class enjoyable for me. I know when I 
show up to class I am in for something 
interesting. I also know it's okay for me to 
disagree with him. I can express myself in 
class without feeling dense or erroneous. 
Professor Aieta is always up for a good 
debate with a student. It is rare that I have 
been in a classroom where I feel like an 
equal with the professor, and where my 
work and what I say are being fully appre- 
ciated and intently listened to. 

I could go on and gush more about 
Professor Aieta as a person and better yet 
as a teacher, but if you're lucky enough at 
some point in your four years at Lasell, 
you will get to experience it all on your 

Pont Forget: 

Check out this year's symposium week! 

Yamawaki Center lias 100 Years Of Weddings Exhibit 
And The Second Annual Lasell Arts Festival 

Check Out The Presentations And Conference Sessions 

For The Complete List Of Activities, Plus Dates And 
Times, Go To And Click On The Link For 
The 2005 Symposium Schedule! 

Over 21 and in the mood for some 

If you are looking for a night out that won't break the 
bank, stop on by the "Happy Hour" spot, the place to 
go when you want to keep the cash-flow (not the beer- 
flow) to a minimum. Also try, the Pour House, locat- 
ed at 909 Boylston Street. Popular with the college 
kids, crowds flock here from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. for 
cheap eats and 22oz. mugs of Pabst Blue Ribbon. If 
you're longing to be on someone's VIP list, our 
"Trendsetter" spot is the pick for you. Nestled in the 
basement of the Copley Square Hotel at 47 Huntington 
Avenue is Saint - a transplant of a hipster-lounge right 

out of LA's Sunset Strip. 
- Kimberly Jordan 

Lasell Beat 
April 2005 

To print or not to print... 



My Opinion: Parking - Is it 


Allison Schiffman 

I know that I am only one 
side to this article. I just 
wanted to point out that 
parking for commuters is 
appalling. I know that com- 
muters are only allowed to 
park in the Central Lot, but 
so are resident students who 
have cars on campus. 

As a commuting student I 
know that when I am driv- 
ing through Central, I prob- 
ably circle it twice before 
finding a spot. This makes 
me late for classes. I feel as 
though there should be 
reserved or designated 
spots for commuting stu- 
dents. I understand that res- 
ident students are allowed 
to have cars on campus and 
that's fine, but I think that 
they should definitely have 
assigned spots as well 
where they can park their 

I know that I might seem 
biased and I am only one 
side to this article but I 
think its only fair for com- 
muting students to be able 
to park in Central without 
having to drive around try- 
ing to find a parking spot 
for ten or fifteen minutes. 
It's just very frustrating 
after a while when every 
day you pull into Central 
and you are waiting for 
someone to walk to their car 
so you can follow them and 
take their spot. 

Another point I would like 
to mention has to deal with 
all of my peers who have 
cars. If you have class in 
Winslow and the sticker on 
your car only lets you park 
in Central you have to walk 
to the other side of campus. 

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It's coming to the end 
of the spring semes- 
ter and the hectic 
workload is at its 
peak. Most of us are 
juggling last minute 
assignments that 
happen to be due all 
in the same week and 
finally get to the 
library at 10pm to 
tackle the research at 
hand. Just think: 
you're finally on a 
roll when suddenly 
the clock strikes 
10:55pm and the 
librarian approaches 
you in the midst of 
making the "we're 
closed" rounds and 
you need more time. 
I don't know about 
you, but I know that 
this has happened to 
me multiple times 
since I have been at 
Lasell. It would take 
a lot of stress off of 
many students if 
library hours were 
extended because 
our lives are so hec- 
tic that we can't 
always get to the 
library as early as 
8:00pm; we depend 
on the library for 
research materials 
and as well as print- 
ing source, as not all 
students have a print- 

First of all, a major 
problem is that stu- 
dent life consists of 
juggling work, 

school, and pastime 
activities and most of 
the time studying for 
that exam or 
researching for that 
paper cannot happen 
until the evening 
after classes and 
work. Secondly, the 
library has certain 
texts that cannot be 
accessed anywhere 
else on campus. So 
if we need certain 
reference books such 
as encyclopedias or 
documents, then 
work gets pushed 
aside. To continue, 
there are students on 
this campus who 
don't have a printer. 
Now I understand 
that it is not the 
library's responsibili- 
ty to provide us with 
a printer, but we pay 
for printing on this 
campus, which was 
just implemented 
this year. So I think 
that it is feasible to 
be able to print 
whenever we need 

Today when I sat 
down with Allyson 
Gray, Library 

Director, I presented 
my opinion that the 
library should extend 
their hours. Allyson 
informed me about 
why library hours 
have remained the 
same. She explained 
that first of all, she 
always likes to take 
the student's needs 

into consideration 
and about five years 
ago she did just that 
by extending library 
hours from 1 pm to 
11pm. Allyson 

knows that extending 
library hours is an 
issue here on cam- 
pus, however, she 
has found continu- 
ously that when it 
approaches 10pm at 
night the library is 
sparse with only a 
mere 5 students pres- 
ent. So she wonders 
if students really 
need these hours 
increased. As a 
result, she doesn't 
find it feasible to 
extend hours and hire 
more staff if no stu- 
dents are going to be 
there. The good 
news is that during 
finals week the 
library and the com- 
puter lab is open 
until midnight, so I 
urge you all to take 
advantage of that 
extended time peri- 
od. At least we know 
that if there are 
enough students that 
show that they would 
prefer the library to 
be open later by 
being there, then we 
can be confident that 
our librarians will 
then take staying 
open later into con- 

Lasell Beat 
April 2005 

In My Opinion: 21+ Drinking 
On Campus 

plying them even if 
there is no relation 
between the 21 year- 
old and the underage 

By turning one of the 
suites into a 21+ only 
dorm, underaged 

Miguel Lopez 
Lasell College has 
made many changes 
since it was first 
opened. Lasell has 
done very well with 
the changes it has 
made so far, but I think 
there is one change 
that has to be made to 
benefit the students. 
One of the suites 
should be only for 21 
year-old students, or a 
pub should 
be opened 
where people 
of age can go 
and have a 
few drinks 
without hav- 
ing to worry 
about being 
charged with 
supplying an 
under age 
drinker or 

getting a fine for hav- drinking could be lim- 
ing an open container lted and the P ollce 
around someone that would not have t0 

is not of age. harass the 2 1 y ear -° ld s 

as much. To limit the 

Lasell has a policy that undera g e drinking in 
if you are 2 1 years old these sultes the y could 
are not allowed have a C0 P ID at the 

ing alcohol. If you are ideal situation because 

21 and at a party most students who are 

where people under 21 21 do like to leave 

are drinking you will campus because of the 

get written up for sup- trouble that goes on 

If you are 2 1 and your 
roommate is found with 

alcohol you will be 

charged with supplying 

alcohol even if you were 

not in the room. 

with drinking at the 
school. Lasell could 
make tons of cash by 
opening up a pub or a 
nightclub on campus. I 
believe many students 
would agree that a 
night club would be a 
major plus for the 
school. It 
will also 
drunk driv- 
ing among 
the student 
as well as 
providing a 
safer, more 
ment where 
students could spend 
their nights. 


any alcohol in the 
room if you have a 
roommate that is not 
of age. If you are 21 
and your roommate is 
found with alcohol 
and you're not even 
anywhere near the 
room you will be 
charged with supply- 

door to make sure 
whomever is going in 
the building is 21+. 
This change would 
make it less stressful 
for 21 year-olds to 

Opening a pub or 
nightclub would be the 


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So, as you take your final exams and say farewell to 
"Thirsty Thursdays", good-bye to work study pro- 
grams, and au revoir to dormitories say hello to the 
real world. The weekdays will be filled with traffic 
mayhem. You will often be too tired to drag yourself to 
the gym in search of the perfect body. Your weekend 
will be filled to capacity from trying to catch up with 
friends and do everything you were either too busy or 
too tired for during the week. And your bank account 
may go in the red from time to time, and the list goes 
on and on and on. 

The early to late 20s represents a time of extreme 
instability. Your 20s are also a trying time. Newly cast- 
ed adults can experience disappointments and tempta- 
tions and turn them into crises - just like people enter- 
ing middle age. 


(Continued From Page 4) 

I feel as though as a commuter (or a student who has a 
car) that we should be able to park close to where our 
classes are being held. Walking across campus also 
makes us all late for our classes and we get penalized 
for this, which isn't fair to us students. 

I think the future students of Lasell College should take 
a stand against parking and hopefully the appropriate 
people will hear your voices. Even though we don't 
have the authority to let anything happen about parking 
,it affects us as present and future students of the col- 
lege. The administration need to hear what we have to 
say about parking and know that there is a concrete 
issue within Lasell College that we are unhappy about. 

Lasell Beat 
April 2005 

Bostons Top 10 

Nicole Steel 

Before all of you Seniors leave Beantown, make sure you make the most of what the city has to 
offer! While I'm sure most of you have hit up Lansdown 
Street more times than you can remember, try out some of 
Boston's daytime activities if you haven't already. So here 
they are, my top 10 picks: 

1) Catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. 

2) Hop on the Boston Duck Tour to learn about the city's 
biggest attractions, including the State House, Bunker Hill, 
Copley Square, the Big Dig, and the Prudential Tower, mak- 
ing sure to hold on tight as your duck splashes right into the 
Charles River for a spectacular view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines. 

3) If you're up for a walk, make the two-and-a-half mile journey along the Freedom Trail and 
check out Boston's revolutionary landmarks. 

4) Explore the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden, and seeing as spring is in the air, 
hitch a ride on the Swan Boats. 

5) Take a stroll along the Charles River... "I love that dirty water..." 

6) Shop and dine at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. 

7) See what cool things the Museum of Fine Arts, New England's 
largest art museum, has on display. 

8) Sit back and enjoy a planetarium laser show at the Museum of 
Science, watch a movie at its IMAX theater, or view some of its 400+ 

9) Go see the penguins and sea lions play at the New England 

10) Last but not least, do some serious shopping on Newbury Street, or 
if shopping isn't for you, throw back a beer or two at The Bull & Finch Pub, inspiration to the hit 
TV series "Cheers." 

With all the stress of work, finals, and graduation wearing you down, 
take some time to relax and enjoy The Hub's many attractions. 

Lasell Beat 
April 2005 

Read A While With Kyle... 

Kyle Ganley 

Well I suppose to start off my first col- 
umn in the Lasell Beat I should start by 
writing a disclaimer. It goes something 
like this, (the views expressed in this arti- 
cle are not shared by Lasell College, any 
of its students, and maybe no one at all 
who lives on this planet.) With that said, 
let's get started. 

I have noticed recently that the weather 
has been getting nicer out, and I am now 
seeing Lasell - ites outside enjoying this 
long awaited warmth. I have also noticed 
you seem to be going about it the wrong 
way. 'The wrong way?!' You are thinking, 
yes, it is true, but don't worry; my sur- 
vival guide on how to go about it the right 
way will possibly save you from long, ter- 
rible, relaxing days. For starters, when 
one wakes up, and it appears to be look- 
ing like a nice day out, the first step 
should be to hop in the shower. Now I 
can't make you do this, but put the water 
on as hot as it can go; so for any of you 
who live on campus that means you might 
get the temperature up to a little bit above 
freezing. While enjoying this shower one 
should grab a cold beverage to drink in it. 
Any will do, but in my opinion a certain 
one made out in Colorado should work. 

Now you are out of the shower. . . what to 
wear? Go with a pair of long Johns, and 
then build layers from there. I know it 
sounds crazy, but we live in New 
England; so chances are even if it looks 
like a nice day, more than likely we will 
get 1 2 to 16 inches of snow. The next 
move after getting dressed is to make the 
decision to miss a few of your classes, I 
wish I could say that after the foot-and-a- 
half of snow classes will be canceled, but 
you know as well as I do; that unless 
there is a state of emergency for Boston 
then, and only then, do we get the two 
hour delay (which means if you have a 

Need to get away? GO in to town. 

Newbury Street 

Home to art galleries, designer boutiques, outdoor cafes and restaurants 
(plus a Starbucks and a few ice cream shops), Newbury Street is one of 
the hubs of activity and life in the city. 

The Public Garden 

The Public Garden is on the edge of Back Bay, and it's an oasis of green 
in the city. It's also home to the famous Swan Boats that ferry people 
around the Public Garden Lagoon. Open from April - September, the 
Swan Boats are bicycle-powered and are open seven days a week. 

Kenmore square 

Sandwiched between Boston University, Fenway Park and the Back 
Bay, Kenmore Square is full of activity. Plus new upscale stores and 
restaurants have moved in. 

Boston's Back Bay 

Boston's Back Bay is also filled with history and distinctive architec- 
ture with modern-day sophistication and commerce to create a vibrant 
and exciting neighborhood. Beautiful homes grace residential streets, 
while modern boutiques and fashionable restaurants line Newbury 
Street and Boylston Street, both of which run the length of Back Bay. 
Keep in mind in the 1 900's this was built literally from the ground up. 

- Kimberly Jordan 

9:30 still go to 
it at 10:00 some 
people, and I 
don't know why, 
seem to think 
that in 1 5 min- 
utes of class 
they have left 
they can't learn 

So now that 
you have the 
day off, walk a 
mile to your car 
which probably 
has a new 
scratch on it 
from the excel- 
lent drivers we 
have here at the 
college. Call 
your friends if 
they are not too 
sleepy from 
"studying" too 

hard the night before, and go to the beach. 
Once at the beach commence on enjoying 
a gorgeous day of getting tan, playing 
some wiffle ball, and barbequing with 
some freshly made beverages. 

Now for my ending advice; do not come 
back to school. You see by missing class, 
and by applying Murphy's Law, the one 
day you skipped, attendance was taken in 
all your classes, and you are now going to 
fail; so take the semester off, and get a 

That's all there is to it, I hope you take 
this advice, and have a good time with it. 
By the way, if you can't get to the beach 
then buy a roll of duct tape. Too many 
ideas of what you can do with it to write 
here, but basically it's the stuff dreams are 
made of. 

PS. I am happy to see the paper back at 
Lasell hope to see it stay this time. 

Lasell Beat 

April 2005 

Greg Walker, The Man, The Myth, The Legend 

Anwar liunte 

Growing up in Pompano Beach, Florida, has given 
this Lasell College senior the tools to survive. 
Pompano has given him the knowledge of street 
savvy, the knowledge of how to be "proper" and 
when to be "hood", and also the ability to adapt to 
any situation. Gregory Walker came to Lasell 
College as a virtual unknown. Through the sport of 
basketball he was able to get some notoriety. He 
came in as a freshman and started for the college he 
really didn't know anything about. He was to pro- 
duce what they needed at the time. The 19-year-old 
Walker was able to provide the Lasers with scoring, 
defense, and potential. 

His achievements on the court gave him the title of 
Team Captain three out of the four years he was on 
the squad. His fourth year was ended when he suf- 
fered a season-ending knee injury during the sum- 
mer going into that season. He rehabilitated, and 
came back strong his senior season. He averages 17 
points per game, recorded his 1,000th point, and was 
a part of the NAC All-Conference First Team. His 
achievements went beyond the court and crossed 
over into the classroom. He has been a constant 
Dean's List member and earlier this month he was 
able to take home an award for Male Student- 
Athlete Leader of the Year, given to the student-ath- 
lete who has shown the most promise on and off the 

Upcoming Sprorts Games 

Men's Lacrosse 

4/30 @ Norwich University 2:00 PM 
5/3 Pilgrim League Semi - Finals 
5/7 Pilgrim League Finals 

Women's Lacrosse 

5/4 NEWLA Semi - Finals 
5/7 NEWLA Finals 


4/29 NAC Semi - Finals 
4/30 NAC Finals 

playing field in a leadership role. Greg Walker has 
also given up his time to help programs like America 
Reads, several Red Cross blood drives, and was an 
active participant in the Lasell Votes campaign dur- 
ing the election. Mr. Walker has done a lot at Lasell 
College and deserves to be portrayed as what he is; 
a college graduate. 

Walker reflects on his time at Lasell, "I have met 
some great people at 
Lasell, but I have also 
met some deceiving 
people, but on an over- 
all basis, I have 
enjoyed my time at 
this school. I have 
some memories that 
will last a lifetime. 
Yeah Boy!!!" 

Letters to the editor: 

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and letters to the editor 

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